Hemorrhoids are blood vessels that are an integral part of your digestive system. However, when these become enlarged they cause discomfort and bleeding. Usually these symptoms are managed with dietary changes or local treatments. Larger hemorrhoids may require surgery to be removed.

Patients quite often attribute symptoms of anal pain and bleeding to hemorrhoids. These symptoms, however, can be a result of other conditions such as anal fissure disease, infection, or cancer. Therefore, a careful history and examination by an experienced physician, such as a board certified colon and rectal surgeon, is necessary to make a correct diagnosis.

After a careful examination, your treatment can be tailored based on your physical findings and personal preferences. Most require little more than a simple usually painless office procedure.

At Colorectal Consultants, we offer prompt and friendly service to all our patients. Dr. Tarazi treats hemorrhoidal disease. Pleae click on this link for detailed hemorrhoid treatment information.

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